Wednesday, March 7, 2012

New Discus Fish are settling in

Yep it seems new guys haven't had any stress or anything. They are already swimming around and actively searching for food. Still no communication between old fish and new fish. They just prefer to ignore each other at the moment. I have started feeding them 5-8 times a day and will do 2 water changes per day. I'm sure they will grow up at no time at all.
If anyone out there want to start keeping Discus fish and you are going to start with baby Discus fish then there are couple things you should keep in mind,
  • If you want your Discus fish babies to grow fast and healthy then you must put them in their own tank. Not in a community tank with other fish.
  • Water changes are very important. You must do at least one 40% water change per day. For better result 2 water changes per day would be good. This is something special about Discus fish. If you need healthy and colorful Discus fish then You must do water changes everyday.
  • Better keep them in a bare bottom tank. Discus do not tolerate dirty water. This can stop their growth as well as they could loose bright colors. It's easy to clean a bare bottom tank unlike a planted tank.
  • Baby Discus fish should be fed at least 6-8 times a day.  Just little bit of food only enough for them to finish it within couple of minutes. You can feed them again when they are done with it. Make sure give them fish food which is made Specially for Discus fish. Regular fish food won't help their growth or health.
  • You can use minced chicken heart or beef heart along with other food. Also minced tuna. Discus fish love these stuff. They like to have a change in diet and also natural food will keep them healthy. 
  • There must be a good air flow. You must use an air pump with those sand stones to give plenty of air bubbles. More  I have noticed than more oxygen in water might help them to grow faster.
  • You should spend little time in front of the tank. Specially when you feed. Don't just walk away right after feeding them. Sit near the tank and watch them. Let them to get used to your self. within a month or 2 you will find all fish in front of glass whenever you are near the tank.

They might not look great as those beautiful adult discus fish but they will be when they grow up. Don't let them disappoint you because they don't look pretty when they are babies. It takes 2 years for a Discus fish to become an adult. So treat them well and keep them happy , you will be end up with a Beautiful Discus fish aquarium which will catch eyes of anyone who comes to your house.

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