Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Bought 2 pairs of Discus Fish

Again after more than 6 months I'm back here ! I lost most of my old Discus fish and Now I have only 4 year old Male Powder Blue Discus and a small snakes skin Discus. So I had thought  about buying another 2 pairs. This time I wanted a red Discus pair so I bought Marlboro red Discus pair and a Pigen Red Discus pair. They are probably less than 4 months old ( forgot to ask their age - Big mistake ..) So they will need lot of feedings and water changes.

I haven't taken any photos yet and will do it tomorrow. old 2 guys in the tank still hasn't shown any interest and new guys are still timid and try to stay out of sight (something pretty hard to do in a bare bottom tank). They are less than 2 inches long. I hope soon they will start looking for food and swim around the tank.

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