Friday, March 9, 2012

Dicus Fish pecking order

So I think older Discus fish has decided, it's time for new guys to learn how run the place. Specially the smaller one from my 2 old Discus fish, the Snakeskin blue guy picking new comers.  But the big power blue Discus guy is not interested in any of others. no pecking or even bother to look at. All he thinks about it food. I think he need to be de-worm  soon. His tummy looks bit bloated.

Discus fish always maintain a pecking order. The big fish to the smallest fish. This is why there should be at least 3 pairs of Discus fish if you want to have a Discus fish tank. More fish means aggression will spread among fish. So the smallest guy won't get all the beatings. So less stress and have more chances to find food.

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