Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Pearl Gurami as Discus tank mates

Pearl gurami are one of my most favorite aquarium fish kinds. They are very beautiful and peaceful community fish. Unlike other types of gurami, Pearl are not aggressive at females and they don't mind living as pairs. I haven't seen those beautiful fish for  while in fishshop. But several days ago I found some Pearl gurami in a fishshop and bought a pair. I thought they might be great as Discus tank-mates.

And they are ! Now they are in Discus tank for nearly a week and there are no fights. Discus fish totally ignores these guys and they to stay out of Discus fish. Also unlike other gurami kinds Pearl gumari stay near surface of water. So they don't meet Discus fish often except for meal times. Discus fish prefer to stay in mid level of the tank and they search bottom for food too.

Pearl guramis are great Discus tank-mates but make sure keep them in a quarantine tank for like one week before adding to Discus tank. Also some fish has their own personalities so always watch these guys for few days. Make sure there are not problems or fights.


  1. I have learned a lot from your post. I thought about adding another type of fish in my aquarium while keeping discus fish in it. However, I was worried that it might not blend my Discus Fish. Thank you for the idea. :)

  2. Thats a nice post. Quite informative.

    I have 2 Marlboros in a planted tank. Would be really nice if you can post your comment on the same.