Monday, April 5, 2010

Trophy Discus : The art of selecting, grooming, and showing discus

I received this book called Trophy Discus as a birthday present from a friend of mine who know I'm crazy about Discus Fish. I was not very impressed by cover but after reading the book I have to admit I'm really Happy my friend picked this book over other Discus fish books.

Trophy Discus is not a usual Discus fish book you get general information about Discus fish. This is a book for someone who have kept Discus fish for a while. This book is all about show Discus. It has all info about how to select quality Discus and how to keep them. I learned a lot about how to select a good quality Discus fish and what are the things to look for. Trophy Discus is written by 3 very experienced Discus fish keepers. I can recommend this book to anyone who keep Discus fish and want to learn about how to find, select, keep high quality Discus fish.

Also Trophy Discus book has excellent advice and details about breeding Discus fish. It covers areas like how to artificial raise fry, genetics, judging standards and the genetic background for the common Discus varieties, which you don't get from a average Discus fish book. Trophy Discus is excellent addition to your Discus book collection.

Trophy Discus: The art of selecting, grooming, and showing discus. 

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