Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Shy Discus fish ?

If you are new to Discus fish keeping or have bought Discus fish few days ago then you might have noticed they are kinda shy and skittish. If you try to clean the tank or even move near tank they would freak out and dart around the tank. If you have a planted tank then your Discus fish are stay hiding among plants most of the time ? I know this is really a frustrating situation because you buy these expensive fish to show them self not to stay hiding. How to make Discus fish feel safe and make them to come in front of glass ?

  • Discus are social fish. You have keep them in groups to feel them safe and happy. If Discus fish you in tank more they tend to hide. Try to keep at least 5-6 fish specially if you are buying young Discus fish.
  • Time, Time ! They need time to get used to new tank environment as well as room and new owner. They will be shy for a while till they get used to all of those.
  • Have a school of active and peaceful fish like Cardinal Tetra. Discus fish will feel safe and home with them. Also seeing Cardinal Tetra swimming around will make them feel safe and take them out of their hide outs.
  • If you have a planted tank then they tend of stay hiding. Its their nature. But after a while they will release its safe to swim around without worrying about safely.
  • Larger than tank will make them feel better and safe.So they would swim in open.

Just Keep your Discus fish in a 5-6 group and after a while they will be swimming in open. They are weak and slow comparing to other fish. So its natural they try to hide when they feel scared.

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