Wednesday, August 4, 2010

My Discus pair has spawned

One of my SnakeSkin Blue Discus pairs have spawned ! I had found this while I was mopping bottom of the Discus tank ! Parents were even attacking my hand so I stopped mopping and check around the tank. There were eggs attached to side glass. Lucky I found this before change water.

Parent Discus pair has become pretty aggressive and attacking all other Discus if they swim near. This make both parents and other Discus stressed because whenever someone come near to tank all Discus rush toward the glass and parents go crazy and start attack everyone. Specially the female one.

I think this is their second time. Something like this happen while ago but I think I had mopped everything off without knowing that time. Anyway I think they are still inexperienced at hatching eggs because there are white eggs and parents are not removing those. 

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