Friday, June 5, 2009

Supplemental food for Discus

Discus fish love to eat also they like to eat variety of things. There is a myth Discus fish doesn't eat like other fish. That's not true. If your Discus fish don't eat then something wrong with them, probably sick ! Only exception is right after you add them to your aquarium. After they get used to the tank they should be always hungry and come near to glass when you are near. Discus would simply beg for food.

To keep healthy Discus you need to give them quality food. If you buy from pet store always buy quality Discus food if you want your Discus fish to grow healthy and fast. Also you can give other Supplemental food with those. This is what I give,

01. Checken Heart
02. Beef Heart
03. Freeze Dried Blood worms
04. Dried tiny shrimps
05. Fish (Tuna etc)
06. Chicken minced
07. Beef minced

Don't put too much of these, only a little bit enough for like 15 minutes. If your Discus are healthy then they would be always hungry. If your Discus fish are less than 2 years old then you can feed them up to 8 times a day. So don't give them same thing all these 8 times every single days.


  1. how to take care of koi fish

    wow... find it interesting... hope it'll be beneficial for me and my friends...