Monday, July 13, 2009

Identify the Gender of Discus fish

Identify the Gender of Discus fish is some what nearly impossible task unless you are an experienced Discus breeder or keeper. Its pretty hard for even experienced Discus fish keepers to gender then before they become one year old at least. This make is more difficult because come times they pair with same gender.

Male Discus fish normally have a round body shape, the upper fins have a long tip or pointed, and it's shape has a sharp and pointed direction. Male discus have a bigger tail as well. Also Males are bigger than Female Discus fish.

Females normally have rounded anal and dorsal fins, Pectoral Fins maybe shorter or equal to anal fin. Male discus Pectoral Fin normally longer than anal find when its extended.

See if its anal fins and dorsal fins are pointed at the end. Normally you won't find both the dorsal and anal fin pointed. But either one would be pointed if it's probably a male.

Even with these methods you can't be 100% positive. I think it takes years of experience to identify gender correctly. There are more methods which use to gender Discus fish but I ll post them later.

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