Thursday, May 14, 2009

How to choose Tank mates for Discus Fish

Choosing tank mates to Discus Fish is something you have to do carefully. Adding other fish into your Discus aquarium would end up with disasters. There are few things you have to concerned about before start looking for tank makes for Discus fish.

  • Discus are from tropical warm water rivers from South America. So they prefer high water temperatures . This is one reason why Discus shouldn't kept with gold fish and Koi types. You should look for those fish types who are ok with high water temperatures.

  • Discus can be bullied by any fish and can get stressed pretty easily. Regular stress would make Discus fish starve and death. So should put those aggressive Cichlids types with them such as Oscar, Jewels, Mabuna etc

  • Since Discus are slow moving fish some fish might like to peck them. avoid such type of fish like guppies or barbs.

  • Keeping those tank mates as a group like 6-7 would able to keep their attention from Discus to their own kind.

  • Don't use huge fish with Discus. You will end up with bunch of stressed out Discus fish.

  • Look for peacefully fish like Neon Tetra, Cardinal Tetra, Corydora etc. But Its better keep them as a school of fish like at least 5-6 fish.


  1. caring discus fish

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  2. I agree that tetras are probably the best tank mates for discus dish for.

  3. I agree that teteras are the best tank mates discus fish for.