Thursday, December 10, 2009

Quarantine your new fish !

Discus fish are vulnerable to some illnesses than other fish. Also some parasites which don't do harm to other fish could pretty badly harm Discus fish. Specially worm problems. Hexamita (hole-in-the-head disease) is one of these illnesses. Most cichild kinds like Oscar, Angle, Blue Rams can have this but not like it gets to Discus fish. This is one of my biggest nightmares when it comes to Discus fish keeping.

Monthly medication would be great for keeping your Discus fish healthy but Most important thing is quarantine new fish. Specially if you buy Discus fish from a PetShop but not from a Discus breeder. These fish can carry all kind of fish diseases, Due to lack of attention also proper cleaning and medication procedures.

Also its always better keep your new fish in a separate tank for few weeks. With some kind of medication. Specially before adding to a Discus fish Aquarium. Fish like Corydora, Angles can carry all kind of parasites in their intestine which wouldn't harm them but quite deadly for Discus fish. Cory cats and Rams known to carry Hexamita. Quarantine fish is really important when it comes to Discus fish keeping.

Its better prevent disasters happen than taking risks. Discus are expensive fish who take long time to grow. So Keeping a Quarantine tank would save your Discus fish, money and also time.

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