Thursday, December 10, 2009

Discus Tankmates : Blue Ram

A month ago I bought 2 pairs of Blue Rams. They are also known as Ramirezi. Unfortunately all my 4 seems to be females ( Had no choice they were the last ones). I was told these guys are good Discus tank mates so I want to see if it is true.

Well They are doing well with Discus fish. Blue Rams totally ignore Discus and Discus fish has no interest on them. Blue Rams do fight with each other since all of them are same gender but nothing nasty. Theses Blue Rams are too peaceful to be cichild ! But what worries me is how aggerive they could get when spawning. They might to good as Cardinal tetra as Discus tank mates but still they are good. They Blue Rams look very beautiful !

Here is a Pretty German Blue Ram Male !

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  1. Very interesting post on the ram. It is good to know that these can get along in a discus fish tank.