Thursday, November 27, 2008

My Discus Fish

I ve started raring fish when i was 10 years old and Now I have been keeping fish for more than 15 years. Discus fish is one of my all time favorite fish though I couldn't keep them successfully until this year. I had tried to rise discus Discus Fish Juveniles Always ended up with a disaster. This year after reading a lot on internet I thought to give another try.

My first batch was 4 pairs of Pigeon Blood Discus. When I had bought them I didn't know they were Pigeon Bloods ( neither did the pet shop owner !). I had then for 6 month and one of them grew really fast. Unfortunately they all died suddenly. I couldn't even look at the empty tank.

So I bought my next batch. Its been 2 months since I ve bought them and everything fine for the moment. I love them ! Discus fish used to be my dream fish whom I wanted to have ever since I had seen them for first time. So now I have them !

( Ok. They are not mine, Just wanted to add a pic ! )

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