Sunday, November 30, 2008

Golden Severum Breeding !

Well Today I nearly had a heart attack. Like 2 months ago I d bought a pair of Golden Severums from a local pet shop. I d found then in a tank full some kind of Tilapia variety. The Golden Severums had been beaten crap out. they didn't look very good all broken fin but I bought them coz i was looking for real Golden Severums pair.

So I had taken them home and put them in a 24x24 octagon shape tank and let them recover. Today I noticed they breath bit hard so I thought to change the water 50%. and they seemd attacking the tube when i was taking water off. Then I realized that there are eggs on bottom of the tank ! Pair seems fanning over them.

It's really cool but I don't know eggs would last or not because water is not very good.

Golden Severum pair protecting eggs ( Not my pair )

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